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Master Climbing Program Time:2018-07-27   Click :

Climbing Schoo is a couse for who are interesting to be a climber, include all the skills for being a safety climbing condition and enough climbing try in different cliff. Start form climbing history to the most climbing tecenical and knowlege. 
  • Gear support by Peztl 
  • Included 4 session climbing tecnical 
  • One multi pitch couse 
  • One viafraata course
  • Tecnical test and safety station set
  • Belay course 
  • relaxing activity during the overload climbing.
Throgh this program, kids will be more familiar with climbing life and gear, take more responsibility for partner ship.
The most value on this program is:
  • Best climber leading the program 
  • CMA certificate teacher 
  • New climbing knowlegde share
  • Pezel Gear support 
The hotel will be chosse a clean and comfortable located downtown. The whole program will be has the climbing athlete time schedule, knows more about the climber's life and be a health climber. 
Food will be healty for everday climbing and outdoor activity.
Every morning strat with a warm up session and finish with a close cool down session. 
If you or kids looking for a pure climbing trip, please email me for more tetails.