karst climber

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This summer camp support by brand Ospery, bring the outdoor education idea of "live as a outdoorer "
we use the Karst Mountain and Liriver as the outdoor ground school teaching location. Bring a nature outdoor couses for the kids.
  • Independ live with outdoor skills
  • Leave no trace course 
  • Outdoor servive 
  • Hiking prepare, plan, and risk analysis
  • Rescue cenerial 
  • Rope work 
  • Rock climbing bisic course
  • Kayaking basic course and water risky
  • Wild animal and plants
  • Wild water and food resource
The key point of this trip is wide kids comfort zoon from city or urban to a nature and wild enviroment.
Be more confortable and confidence in a new and nature place.
Go through challenge and skillful activity for "doing and learning "
Be a team leader or a supportor is meaningful with a gole
Enjoy a more evolved wild trip