Located in the famous international town of Yangshuo, Karst Climber founded at 2000,one of the foremost pioneer of rock climbing in Yangshuo.We have introduced more than 400 groups to the stunning climbing opportunities available here in China's climbing Mecca.We specialize in developing custom outdoor adventure programs that include any combination of climbing, hiking, cycling, kayaking, and abseiling, as well as certified guides and equipment.

Karst Education Programs -- These courses include community service, cultural exchange and outdoor activities that can benefit both students and the locals. Karst outdoor education programs are designed to cater to students ages 12 to 18. However, depending on your specific needs, we can arrange an itinerary to suit anyone from younger students to adults.

The purpose of our programs is to inspire and motivate students to embrace the excitement of the outdoors while learning to respect and care for the environment and the cultures we encounter. We are committed to ensuring measurable education results for all participants.

Adventure Tour -- Adventure tour expose the most skilled participants to more challenging locations and situations where they will apply their advanced adventure training, leadership and teamwork.

Culture Experience Trip -- This program is a special trip exploring the culture, outdoor activities and natural history of China’s Guangxi province. Leisure travel not only focuses on sightseeing; it primarily concentrates on the understanding of cultural issues, local trades and the traditional lives of the people. In regards to the outdoor activities, we focus on providing an introduction to outdoor activities in a low-risk environment.

Family Leisure Trip -- The family trip is designed for a family or a small group of families to try some of our exciting outdoor activities and experience the local culture. Family groups may include your children’s friends; however, each group must be accompanied by at least one adult

All Karst leaders are experienced, qualified outdoor professionals. They are all certified in first aid training and are also certified guides for their specific activities (eg. rock climbing, kayaking, etc.). Furthermore, our staff spans a wide range of nationalities and cultures.

Ginger Xue -- wafa (wilderness advanced first aid) approved outdoor education course designer, consultant and outdoor rock climbing instructor who can offer bilingual service.

Huanglei -- A talented climber who is now a climbing coach. Huanglei has more than four years experience as an outdoor trainer and guide. He is good at rock climbing, caving and kayaking.

Daniel -- An expert in rafting and a certified instructor for the Vantage Course in swimming. He has also already finished the French white water rafting Vantage Course. Daniel is good at water rescue and risk assessment. He is experienced in traveling and outdoor education, especially in outdoor camping and backpacking. Daniel also loves Chinese culture and he admires freedom.

Tony Lee -- A rock climbing instructor certified by the Chinese Mountaineering Association. He is also a certified WAFA (wilderness advanced first aid) trainer. Tony is a talented climber who is now a climbing coach. Tony is experienced in rock climbing education course development, rock climbing and guiding in Yangshuo.

Erin -- Bilingual outdoor trainer. Erin has been climbing for 10 years. She is good at mountain course training, caving and rescue.

Our Mission

  • 1. Increasing awareness of your own strengths and opportunities for growth
  • 2. Creating new challenges for participants
  • 3. Improving teamwork through working collaboratively with others
  • 4. Showing perseverance and commitment in activities
  • 5. Accumulating ethical consideration by inter-cultural education
  • 6. Applying and developing new skills in the future