Shaxi—a cultural treasure of the Tea Horse Road in Yunnan

Finally,Karst climber come to Shaxi,a place full with story,culture and adventure!Shaxi located halfway between Lijiang and Dali, the Shaxi Valley is home to a beautifully preserved traditional way of life that offers a glimpse into a forgotten era.Come here with Karst climber,treking to the national park,riding bikes through the country side,helping the famer feeding cows,turn the soil in the fields,or joining in the harvest pary, tasting wine, brunch on the temple terrace…what a nice place.

The massive climbing festival was held in Getuhe vally ,Guizhou province

GuiZhou is one of the poorest provinces in China,and hence one of the least traveled, it's also one of the most rustic and beautiful. Getuhe vally lies about 3 hours away from Anshun city,the area features some of the most impressive limestone climbing stone in China,compelte with massive caves and awe-inspiring stalactite formations.

This festival lasted for three days.It is reported that there were more than 600 rock climbers come to this massive festival,and were devided into three major parts,which is rock climbers team from home and abroad,Teenagers rock climbing summer camp team and outdoor carnival team.The getuhe climbing festival is a platform for rock climber lovers.

Yangshuo Karst outdoor education summer camp come to close

The Outdoor Education season in Yangshuo started off with high energy, excited kids and great weather.There were 4 groups with more than 100 students come to Karst outdoor education camp in this summer.They can not only enjoy the outdoor adventure,such as rock climbing,caving,camping,but they would also have chances to learn western culture,first aid and practice english with foreigners,definitely they all enjoyed the camp so well.