Yangshuo -- Yangshuo offers breathtakingly beautiful scenery, particularly along the rocky karst tower-lined Li River which you can tour by cruise boat or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, by primitive bamboo rafts. Streets in Yangshuo are kept in their original style, preserving the layout of the ancient city. Also, 70,000 karst towers of tropical limestone scattered along the Li River attract more tourists, cavers and climbers from around the world every year. They contribute to the small but growing band who make Yangshuo the up and coming sport climbing centre of China.

Longsheng -- Longsheng Gezu Autonomous County (Longsheng Multi-ethnic Autonomous County) is located in the northeast portion of Guangxi and it is under Guilin's governance. This area is the central hub for about ten ethnic minority groups in northern Guilin including the Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong minorities. These societies thrive on farming and tourism. Longsheng boasts many attractions that have helped build a thriving culture of tourism. A few of its highlights include The Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces located in Heping Township, The Longsheng Hot Springs in the Longsheng Hot Springs National Forest Park which are considered supernatural waters by the locals (the water that flows from the Longsheng Hot Springs is natural mineral water which can be used both medicinally and as drinking water), The Huaping National Nature Reserve, which is the largest subtropical evergreen broad-leaf forest in the world and is also known for its many waterfalls, and finally The Longsheng Nanshan Prairie which is a natural meadow stretching across Hunan and Guangxi Provinces famed as 'China Southland's Hulunbeier Prairie’ (in Inner Mongolia).

Ziyuan -- A county situated in northeastern Guangxi, 107km from Guilin, where you can find ranges of mountains and peaks, crisscrossing creeks and valleys, and thick forests. In addition to the Han majority people, 12 unique ethnic groups including the Miao, Yao and Zhuang live here.

Xingping -- Xingping was once the largest town along the Li River, and is 63 km (39 miles) from Guilin and 25 km (15.5 miles) from Yangshuo. It is on the east bank of the river. The town is really a beautiful place surrounded by captivating scenery. Both Mural Hill Overlook and Yellow Cloth Shoal can be found in this scenic area.