The safety and wellbeing of participants and staff is top priority at Karstclimber. We aim to provide a safe, enjoyable and challenging learning experience in the outdoors. We believe that the careful planning and coordination by our highly trained, professional staff can minimises real risk. The management of safety in Karstclimber is follow these steps below:

High standard is foundation to conduct qualified and safety activity.Over 12 years of experience, Karstclimber has develop, implement and maintain a good SOPs for each activity.

Hazard management process at Karstclimber involves a structured approach to identify, assess, manage, communicate and record hazards in every part of our operation.

Karstclimber perform a systematic process to identify hazard and assess them for significance, take all practicable steps to manage the risks created by hazards that are assessed to be significant. Recording keeping help to improve our standard.

The equipment we purchase / hire are considered by the industry standard, fit for purpose and they will be used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

All the equipment is check by experienced guide to ensure it is safe working condition and fitness before we use it. All the equipment are used by trained staff who know well about how to set-up, use, safety checks and maintenance of equipment.

Karstclimber also process on recording the purchase, use and maintenance of equipment helps to monitor the condition, and develop increased knowledge of its expected lifespan.

The staff from Karstclimber are qualified by the China Mountaineering Association (CMA) and lifeguards through the Wildness First Aid. Staff members are certified in a number of other program skill areas. Certification includes safety and risk management training.

Our staff practices in the venues where the activity is conducted and we have the strict requirements for all the guides and group leaders that they should be very familiar with the environment and complete the Risk assessments.

Before running a trip, Karstclimber try our best to learn about the participant and make sure that participants good understanding the activity they are taking, communicate with them, designing a suitable trip / level for them as theirs requirement. Our high staff to client ratio (based in the intensity of activity) allows us to give maximum attention to customers while up pushing their limits.

An emergency preparedness and response plans for foreseeable emergencies is established and maintain by Karstclimber. The plans mainly including procedures for stabilizing the situation and accounting for staff and participants; Assigning responsibilities and authority for implementing emergency response plans, including who must notify emergency services and when.

guides staff efficiently and effectively to deal with an emergency.