How do I get to Yangshuo from Hong Kong?

Flying -- This is the fastest way to Yangshuo. From Hong Kong you can fly to Guilin in about 1 hour 30 minutes then take a taxi or a bus to Yangshuo. A taxi takes about 1 hour and costs about 200-250RMB. The bus takes about 1 and a half hours and costs about 15RMB. There are two bus stations in Guilin. The formal one is called 'The Long Distance Bus Station of Guilin', the last bus to Yangshuo leaves at 8pm. The informal one is just outside of South Train Station of Guilin. This one operates a much more flexible time schedule; it usually leaves when the bus is full. Be aware that the driver may hassle foreign travellers to pay for their luggage.

Bus -- You can take the K.C.R (underground train) from Tsim sha tsui to Lo Wu. After passing through customs walk outside to the square and on the left is the bus station. You will probably find someone who speaks English there who can help you buy a bus ticket straight to Yangshuo. The bus takes about 10 hours and most of them run at night. You can buy a ticket for a seat or for a little more money, a small bed. Prices vary from 160RMB up to about 500RMB depending upon the time of year. At very busy times like Chinese New or Golden Week tickets may be limited.

Train -- The train from Lo Wo in Shenzhen takes about 12 hours but is more comfortable and safer that travelling by bus. Follow the same instruction as for the bus but turn left instead of right in the square and you will find the train station. You need to get a train to Guilin as there are no trains straight to Yangshuo at present. On arrival in Guilin take a bus from outside the train station to Yangshuo, see above for detailed instructions. Note; you will need to know a little bit of Chinese to be able to buy the train tickets.

How do I get to Yangshuo from Shanghai?

Planes -- The fastest way. Be aware that there are two international airports in Shanghai: Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Flights from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Guilin take about 2 hours. From the airport take a bus or a taxi to Yangshuo; as described above.

Buses -- There is no direct bus link from Shanghai to Yangshuo.

Trains -- There is a good service from Shanghai which takes about 24 hours from Shanghai South Railway Station. You can buy tickets for either hard or soft sleepers. Both of these consist of small bunk beds in a shared carriage which are quite comfortable and give quite a good night's sleep.

How do I get around in Yangshuo?

Bikes -- Bikes can be rented (from 5 to 40RMB) Prices dictate quality and type of bike. However even the 5RMB bikes are OK for getting to most of the climbing places.

Buses -- You can take a bus to any of the venues on the way to Gaotian or Puyi. This includes Wine bottle, Moon Hill, White Mountain, the Egg and many more. The prices in 2RMB to Puyi and 2.5RMB to Gaotian and the bus will stop anywhere you want to get off. (Buses leave every 15 minutes or so from the Yangshuo Bus Station.

Taxis -- Vary in price depending on where you want to go. Below are a few average return prices for some popular places:

  • Wine bottle 50RMB
  • White Mountain 60RMB
  • Low Mountain 60RMB
  • Baby Frog 50RMB

You need to speak a bit of Chinese to book the taxi you can ask the people in your hotel to do it or come to Karst and ask use to help you.


Although Yangshuo is just a small county, its traditional dishes and snacks are well-known world wide because of their dainty appearance and uniqueness. Here, we just recommend to you some of the most famous ones.

Traditional Dishes

Beer Fish (Pijiu Yu)
Beer Fish This dish is probably the most symbolic dish of Yangshuo. Live carp from the Li River is fried with its scales and is then stewed after several seasonings such as local beer, chili, agarics and tomatoes are added. The dish not only looks attractive, but also tastes fresh and tender with a hint of spiciness, yet remains a little sweet.

Niang Dishes
Niang is a traditional yet unique cooking method of combining various ingredients for stuffing (usually consisting of meat or egg) into a type of carrier (made of vegetables or bean products), then braising, boiling or frying them together. There are 32 varieties of Niang dishes, among which the most delicious is the Tianluo Niang.
Select some river snails, cut the tails and take out the meat. Then put the meat into the shells together with other seasonings such as ginger, mint and pork. Finally stir-fry them together. This dish smells savory and tastes smooth, refreshing and satisfying.

Lipu Kourou
Brewed Field Snail This dish is made using the taros from Lipu (a small county of Guangxi Province, streaky pork and other spices. Fry the taros and streaky pork in the oil separately and place them alternately in a bowl, then braise them together. After both the taros and pork are cooked, reverse the bowls and leave them lying on a plate.
In Chinese, Kou just means 'reverse', hence the name of the dish. The dish always has a golden color and tastes fluffy and tender but not greasy.

Special Local Snacks

Guilin Rice Noodles
Guilin Rice Noodles The round or flat rice noodles are always eaten with various kinds of soup. They are white, tender, smooth and pliant. You can have a taste of the most traditional ones in Shouzi Rice Noodles Cafe in West Street.

Yangshuo Baba
Glutinous rice is widely used to make many local snacks. Baba is the most special one that can be made by steaming, boiling or frying other ingredients together such as sesame, broomcorn, chestnut and brown sugar. Water Steamed Leaves Baba, Fried Yinzi Baba and Sugar Soup Boiled Tangyuan Baba are really worth tasting.

This snack is only available around the Spring Festival (one of the national festivals of China). Rice is ground into thick liquid and made in the form of short cylinders that are then steamed and dried in the sun. The cylinders are finally cut into strips and fried with preserved hams, cauliflowers and some garlic.

Songgao (Glutinous Rice Cake)
Out of town - We recommend the Yangshuo Mountain Retreat. They have very nice rooms, an enormous menu, internet, bike rental and are right on the banks of the Yu Long River so you can take a raft trip anytime you feel like it. The Yangshuo Mountain retreat is the perfect place to relax, as well as being close to some good rock climbing locations. If you would like us to be your guide then we can meet you there and take you climbing


The weather here is very good for climbing for most of the year and even when it's to hot or to cold or to wet; Yangshuo still has good venues for climb. For both beginners and advances climber.

In the spring (March to May) Yangshuo goes from milled to quite hot weather. Some times it can rain and sometime it can be quite dry.

In the summer (June to Augusta) At this time Yangshuo is very hot some times reaching 35 Degrees C. It can also be quite wet. So we tend to go to places in the shade to climb and for places with shelter form the rain.

In the autumn (September to November) This is the longest spell of dry worm weather for climbing and when Yangshuo is at its most busy. You can expect mostly dry stable weather and good climbing at most places.

In the winter (December to February) Weather can be quite varied some times but this winter just go was very good dry most of the time. Some of places are perfect here for climbing in the winter as they seem to trap heat and are now good in the summer.

Jobs opportunities

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